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Re: need Water Softener for new house
« on: September 14, 2021, 10:48:39 AM »
Also vouch for Diamond Pure. Price was good and install was clean. They over charge for annual maintenance though. Just buy your own filters on Amazon and change it. It cost me $30 whereas there charge $175.

Is this just a pre-filter separate from the softener system?

Thanks guys for the many timely tips and unanimous recommendation on Diamond Pure :) Since everyone really likes them, I will reach out to them to learn more about my options. Just to make sure I understand, the recommended set up from Diamond Pure is the water softener + RO system. This will soften and purify the water?

Many thanks again everyone

If you get a quote from Diamond Pure, please share it. I've always been interested.

I called Diamond Pure about getting the systems (softener + RO), and here's a few numbers I got (may be typos or mishearing, if so sorry in advance):

- for Multi-pure softener system + RO $3.1K, tax and installation included
- for Twin star platinum softener system + RO $4650, tax and install included. This one is a bigger system to provide higher flow rate for bigger houses with increased water usage

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