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Re: Where the market is - Buyer Offers
« on: March 25, 2021, 08:37:20 PM »
I'm curious to know what type of jobs does everyone here have where you can afford a multi-million dollar home.

It's family $ and overseas China FCB $ ...   I'm sure there are families where both earners are doctors, lawyers, small business owners, in finance (PMs, senior mgmt), engineers/programmers, or a combination of any of those.  I'm sure there are niche jobs that make a lot of $ too.   I'm poor thinking about it now.

I remember someone who submitted their app on our rental, they made ~$170k as mid lvl mgmt at the Taco Bell, that's just one of them.
The majority of buyers are age 22-40. I would love to see metrics of income for OC. The nationwide metrics specify that households are earning 100-113k. But that doesn't seem realistic with California prices.

Im 25 and just hit 6 figures at work, but still finding it impossible to find a property. Im single (so not dual income), maybe thats why? It feels like I'm going in circles; can't find a partner while living with my parents, but can't afford a reasonable house without a dual income  :-\

If your future partner looks down on you for being financially sensible then they wouldn't be a good partner in my opinion. Why would living with parents while saving to purchase a home be a negative thing? It shouldn't.

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