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Re: Joe Briben and Kamala Whoriss
« on: January 21, 2021, 10:21:49 AM »
While the thread is pretty inappropriate, we should clarify things here.

When Harris and Brown say "Dated" they mean a great deal more that dinner and a movie. It's been long discussed in past newspaper reports (news-papers for those who aren't familiar with the term were printed documents, usually delivered to your driveway in early morning hours....  ;D ) how Willie Brown moved KH faster up the employment food chain based on their sexual relationship. Brown has been quoted about Harris's "dating" him was the primary reason for helping her career move - a "job" for a "job" so to speak.... Brown also bought her a Mercedes-Benz which later became an issue of influence peddling by some in Sacramento. I don't recall if she had to sell or give up the car, but it was newsworthy at the time.

Nevermind Harris's record on prosecutorial misconduct, duplicitous standards on cannabis, fabrication of her past childhood experiences, and on, and on, and on, and on.

PS - Orange Man Bad - just to put that out before someone else Godwin's this thread.

Appreciate the context! For the record, I have absolutely zero issue with criticizing her behavior and her record. Even with the context I still think it lacks basic decency/class to imply/call/nickname her a whore.

Let me also say this, I'm not a fan of Trump but I never was ok with people poking fun at his weight. This feels similar to people calling Kamala a whore. There's lots of legitimate things to criticize, but why are we throwing petty insults around? There's a way to criticize without disrespectful name-calling.

With that I'm going to try to refrain from replying here again. I don't think it's going to be productive. I think the language in the title of this thread is disrespectful and inappropriate, but ultimately I doubt I'm going to make any difference at this time.

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