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Re: Congress Elections
« on: January 14, 2021, 10:28:38 AM »
The blue wave crashed in 2020 leading to losses in the House. The Senate was tight to begin with 52/48 now 50/50 - hardly what one could call a wave or a mandate.

2018 had immense ballot harvesting done to "flip" house seats. You also had terrible campaigning done by R's in OC during 2018. 2020 however lead to D losses here in OC. Can't call that a "win" or a "wave" unless it's a wave goodbye!  Yes, IMHO Ballot Harvesting creates a wide opportunity for fraud to occur. It should be banned. Same thing for non-requested mass mail out balloting. I'm fine with requested mail in, but sending out ballots to everyone on a terribly outdated mailing list of voter registrations? That's hardly a bright idea.

Why do I not let this go? Article 1, Section 4 in the US Constitution was violated, throwing open the door to potential fraud. Moving dates for ballots to arrive, "curing" ballots - a legal, but highly questionable practice is also an opportunity for fraud. Has "2020 election changing fraud" been proven? The best answer I can give is "Not yet" although I recognize it might be "Not ever", but time and investigations will tell.  As noted earlier, 1 proof of fraud (Texas) and other proofs of prior voter fraud (Heritage link) are dismissed, ad nauseum but still indicate that vote fraud exists. One can't reasonably say that the 1 person arrested in Texas is the absolute only person in the State doing this kind of stuff. A claim like that - if made - defies credibility.

Proof and conviction of fraud cannot be accomplished in 75+ days between election and inauguration. Anyone thinking it could be is woefully uninformed. That goes for the Right and the Left when discussing election fraud. Using Kennedy/Nixon as a blueprint, it was a year later when fraud was confirmed - not enough to change the election, but significant fraud none the less - but by that time it was a "ho-hum" issue.

Let the investigations continue and we'll revisit this some time in the future.
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