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Re: Congress Elections
« on: January 07, 2021, 04:44:07 PM »
Initially the "Buffalo Head" guy was labeled as ANTIFA, but as it turns out he's simply an agitator for fringe QAnon type causes. The guy with the hammer and sickle tattoo is not yet clear who his circle of friends are. One person who was there for certain was John Sullivan, a far left ANTIFA type prone to violence. Why would you  see him all the way inside the Capitol if not to cause havoc. If there's a good explanation for that person to be there during a Trump Rally it would be an interesting story to hear.

I've never found a Trump speech to be all that interesting. He's a grind to listen to to put it mildly. Referring to himself in 3rd person, plattitudes and pontificates - blegh.  That said, today I listened to the entire 1/6/2021 speech via a C-SPAN's feed. There was plenty of fiction, fairytales, but also facts about the election broadcast to the MAGA Minions in DC. What wasn't there? A call to arms, an "ask" for violence, zip, zero, nada. I recommend listening to the whole thing uninterrupted (if you can.... I could barely) and help us find the very sparking point for this violence. As things got out of control, the National Guard was called, videos asking people to go home, to not commit violence, were pushed out, and the greater majority of those there to voice their support for the President did just that. It may be hard to find now, but there have been videos circulating of booing the rioters by the peaceful protestors, asking them not to go as far as they have. Quite a difference from the summertime rioting we saw up until 30 days before the election.

Issue arise as well for people who point at Rudy Giuliani's "trial By combat" pull quote. The entire context of the speech was regarding court battles, not street battles. This is the same propagandizing that the media did with the "good people on both sides" mis-quote. Anyone reading the actual press conference where the President said that can easily, and without bias blinders, see that that "good people" quote is 100% out of context. Yet, Biden said it was that quote that determined his run for the Presidency. Please.

This "attack" has erased any possibility of a 2024 run for Trump. Does it rise to the level of a 25th Amendment invocation? Really? Please, those who believe so, show me their posts about how terrible Hillary was in 2019 when she said Biden shouldn't concede, no matter what. Or all of the quotes by her since 2016 about how the election was "stolen". Dear reader, did you complain as well about the near coup d'etat against the Tang Menace known as the Russia Dossier hoax? Really? Point us to your proof here.

This has been a riot - not the fun kind - but a free for all riot - and should be condemned, pepper sprayed, and gassed as any of the riots the left committed over the past 12 months. It's also now a ginned up media frenzy over things that never happened.

Don't fall for it. Do your own research if time permits, as the last thing you want to do is tune into cable news and assume you will get facts.

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