Author Topic: It is time to open all businesses! -Say MDs  (Read 2023 times)

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Re: It is time to open all businesses! -Say MDs
« on: December 16, 2020, 02:33:53 PM »
The irony of appealing to authority while rejecting authority at the same time. 

But this is basically Trump's pitch to his supporters...FIGHT THE MAN even when he is the MAN.

The arrogance of pretending to  say something profound when in fact you missed the point entirely.
Politicians are leading the panic, and a few misguided physicians such as Fauci, are enabling them.

The statistics bear out the nonsense of politicizing this panic.  You are obviously one of the panickers.  Stay at home and cower.  It's only a few letters away from "coward."

LOL...a few misguided physicians?  This is exactly what I mean...somehow the quacks that you found to say crazy things are legit but the rest of the scientific/medical community are "misguided".  I mean, are you going to cite the demon sex doctor as your authority too?

Weird that the CDC, who you allegedly cite, say the opposite regarding deaths and COVID.

Weird that the two experts that you quote seem to care more about their business than public health

But yes...Dr. Fauchi who spent his entire life doing research and working for the government and the head of the NIH for multiple president is the misguided one.

I mean more doctors smoke Malboro than any other brands of cigarettes!

Honestly...I don't know why I bother...arguing with Starman is like hitting yourself with a hammer.
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