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Re: 99% Survival rate
« on: November 23, 2020, 11:07:53 PM »
It’s a combination of logic and value system.  We all make decisions or have opinions based on our sensibilities. I find religion to be extremely illogical. I think a lot of folks here are pretty smart and religious. One could easily argue how ridiculous religion is and it wouldn’t change a believers mind.

Beliefs around covid are no different. I consider myself to be pretty practical. I take the view that people die every day and the covid deaths are just one more type of death that can be prevented. A lot of deaths that happen every day can be prevented/mitigated by taking drastic measures similar to the drastic measures we have taken fir covid but we have never chosen to prevent those deaths before. We can ban alcohol and prefer alcoholism and the related abuse that comes with and that would get rid of the drunk driving deaths. You could ban guns as well, etc. but it seems too many people like to drink and have their guns so the majority generally wins.  For
Covid it seems like we don’t quite have a majority so a good part of the population is split. I definitely understand the arguments on both sides.

No one really answered my question before but  I already know the answer. Will the people that are strong proponents of masks for covid continue to push mask wearing to prevent old people from catching the flu so they don’t die. Will you do permanent remote learning to prevent the old folks living at home from getting the flu and potentially dying? A lot of people use the  vulnerable population as a big reason to do the shutdowns and remote learning - to prevent the spread from getting the vulnerable population from getting covid. I’m guessing the answer is no. Society does the cost benefit on the acceptable level of deaths. For some reason we have tweaked the cost benefit for covid. Not sure what the magic number of deaths is that causes people to care more about covid.

Being bluntly honest I really hope schools step up and keep up the hardline on undiagnosed respiratory illnesses sitting in class. I dispise the yearly bribes given out for 'perfect' attendence so that parents send their kids until they're too sick to walk.

We didn't take draconian action in a vacuum, China had a pretty good shitshow with the virus, Cali issed the first widescale stay at home on March 19, by then Italy was already in shitshow status.

Case fatality rate was extremely high due to lack of testing.

John Hopkins reports today that we are 257,671 deaths, (in basically 9 months) and likely isn't reflecting many of the coming deaths from nearly two millions new cases in the last two weeks. The flu kills on average 36,000. 

Personally, I think people in general are overly cavalier about the flu.  On average drunk driving kills a little over 10,000 a year and as a society we greatly condemn it, and steadily tightened laws on it.

The most important thing though is of those 99% survivors, 90% haven't had it, yet. 

The other big difference, with the flu, even in bad years, we have enough beds, enough medical staff to treat effectively. Uncontrolled covid, we don't.

That 90% doesn't want it.  We may not be able to stop them from getting it, but slower and later is better.

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