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Re: 99% Survival rate
« on: November 22, 2020, 01:54:02 PM »
Sorry, COVID survival rate is much higher than 99%.  Millions of people have had it and are asymptomatic and will never be tested.   Millions others had very mild symptoms and never got tested. 

Also, tens of thousands have died from strokes, heart attacks, and cancers in the last 8 months who had a COVID test when they entered the hospital.  If they tested positive for COVID they are labeled as a COVID death even if they never had symptoms.

I have a friend whose father passed from a stroke and got a COVID test as soon as he was admitted to the hospital.  They marked his death as COVID.  I have a colleague whose son was in an auto accident with a girl who was fatally injured.  She received a COVID test as soon as she got to the hospital.  She tested positive and succumbed to her injuries a couple days later.  Most likely this was marked as COVID death but I don’t know the family in this case.

I guarantee there are thousands of examples like this, combined with positive cases who haven’t been tested.

COVID survival rate is probably neck and neck with skydiving or better.

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