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Child Safety
« on: June 04, 2020, 01:28:28 PM »
There was a time when all the kids on our block were lined up on my driveway to take their turn playing handball against me.  When I lost, I got in line behind them all.
When the handball would roll out into the street, I noticed every child running after it with disregard for traffic.

I had to make up a safety plan.  Eureka.

"If the ball rolls out in the street and a car runs over it, I'll buy you TWO new balls.  But no cheating. It has to be fair. That goes for a bicycle or anything else.  Two new ones."

Thereafter, they would stop at the sidewalk and  look longingly for a car to come and run over their ball.  None ever did, but what a great deal it is.

Separate issue: 
School teachers give out the INSANE WARNING :Stranger Danger.

Fear is no way to bring up children.  Now kids are afraid to talk to decent people trying to help them.  I was even stopped from giving a $1 or $5 incentive to high school kids running around the park and coming in first place.  ONE MOTHER objects and everyone must kowtow to her insanity.  HER KID can suffer, but not everyone's should.  Besides, the greatest danger is probably from someone who knows the victim - an uncle, a neighbor, a teacher.  The number of children molested and victimized by their teachers is at least a hundred times the number of children victimized by Catholic Priests, according to the Department of Education.

STOP SPREADING FEAR! ! ! !  It's unhealthy.


Be sure your child rides their bike on the sidewalks.  Much safer than streets and you never get a ticket for it. Just remind them to pull into the grass for pedestrians and look left before riding into a street crosswalk. Some drivers are looking left instead of into the crosswalk.
"There are only two kinds of people, decent and indecent." - Elie Wiesel

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