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Re: coronavirus
« on: October 25, 2021, 03:31:29 PM »
When we look around the county at activities, we see a wide variety of behavior.  We filter with our own confirmation bias on how much we see masks or no masks.

In the day activities that I do, grocery store, home despot, pharmacy, casual restaurant, etc.  I see anywhere from 50% masks to 90%+ masks.  Some days everybody in the bagel shop will have a mask on that is coming in.  Other days, it's lucky if it's half.

Sadly, the big swingers for that are the Deputies and Police that show up which invariably are not masking.

The grocery store is almost always over 75% masks if not higher.  Most other stores the same.

For fast causal restaurants, those that stay and eat, immediately unmask.  Those that take and go, mask the whole time.  Don't recall anyone not masking and getting to go.

For outdoor events, beach, park, hiking trails, lake, virtually zero mask at activity.  Again, 50-75% mask though as people get up to go somewhere such as the restroom, or the snack stand, etc.

As for concert, sporting event, etc.  I would expect near zero masks.  While it seems like an oxymoron, this is survivorship bias to the T.  Masking people are not going to go to a large gathering.  You've already eliminated people concerned about spread without masks or with vaccine before they show up.  Even then, sitting in a outdoor stadium, you're really only exposed to the 20ish people immediately around you.  Everyone else, ironically noted as wearing their masks until they get to their seats, it's passing person on the street. 

I will often wear a mask when going into a restaurant to order, the people working are all wearing masks, it's a courtesy on my part.  I'm barking away over the crowd noise to place my order.  Afterwards, we prefer sitting outside.  When I go back in, I make prejudicial value judgement walking up to the door based on crowd size inside, looks of people inside, what I heard the first time I was in and any glaringly obvious political apparel. 

If everybody's chill, I don't bother, I walk in, over to the beverage machine and refill my drink and walk back out the door.  Any dumbassery I on goes the mask.

Saturday night I picked up a to go order from a Marketplace restaurant.  The restaurants had a okay crowd.  Looking through the windows walking up they weren't empty, but for going 7PM on a Saturday night, there was no line.  At any of them.  The outdoor patios that used to be full were all empty.

So while no one had a mask on in the restaurant, to me, there seemed to be a 45 minute line or more of people missing.

So yea, survivorship bias. Those going don't mask.  Those not going, you don't see until you do.

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