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Re: PROP 13 & commercial properties
« on: January 14, 2020, 09:46:21 AM »
There is little if any correlation between teacher pay and teacher quality. Look no further than public schools paying $80k plus to teachers who long ago should have been "termed out". Example: We had several teachers at our kids HS who refused to post grades on-line (although the remaining majority did...) because of their lack of experience with com-pew-tors. Should those teachers be considered high quality, even at the pay and pension they are receiving? Eh, not really. Ask yourself,"Does high pay correlate to high quality workers for private employers?" The answer is self evident.

No issue in having the State offer matching funds. It's reasonable, and a lower cost option than paying a pension for 30+ years post retirement.

The keys here are that less people suckling on the public teat will always a good thing. Unsustainable pensions provided to public servants need to be reformed. This proposed Prop 13 commercial property tax adjustment is one of those faux "It's for the children...." schemes. OK, if it's really "For the children", what guarantees are there for any beneficial use of these funds? What other types of accountability in spending should we demand to offset this tax increase? As none has been provided, no change in Prop 13 should be granted.

My .02c

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