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Re: Tesla Model Y
« on: July 30, 2020, 07:39:30 PM »
Unfortunately it seems that Tesla's quality control is still not up to par.  Sad because if they can get their QC in check, their cars would be objectively better in many characteristics, but the QC is holding them back.

I took delivery of an early RWD Model 3 in 2018 (which I'm selling now), and the entire rear bumper had to be repainted because the paint matching was obviously off.  Also had some small issues pop up here and there, but these issues PALE in comparison to how comfortable/convenient/safe the car is. 

For those who are worried about range, the worry is real but HEAVILY dependent on your driving style and road conditions.  I've gotten less than 150 miles from a full charge while also getting nearly 330 miles from a full charge (which is more than the advertised range).  It's all about your driving skills and awareness to make the most out out of the battery pack.  On an average drive of 10-15 miles to run errands locally, I don't even use the brake pedal as you can 1-pedal drive a handful of EVs, further improving range.  You can't just learn to drive EVs this way quickly, as it takes time and patience to get a feel for the brake regen, In the end, the payoff is worth it as the cost of ownership has been pretty good so far. 

What the combustion vehicle did to horse & buggies, EVs will do to gas/diesel cars. 

I'll be enjoying my horse & buggy last Porsche GT combustion vehicles until they outlaw driving them.  :P
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