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Re: Great Park Retail
« on: January 08, 2019, 07:31:45 AM »
@OP There has been another huge thread on housing analysis if you want to read through it, some believe market will be down in 2019, others believe it will be flat or slightly up.  If you plan to buy for the long term, anywhere in Irvine should be fine IMO. If you want short term appreciation (2 years or so and want out of the home to make a buck), you probably missed the boat in any new build or resale for it to appreciate a ton. 

I think all homes in Irvine will generally go up...GP included.  Question is whether such appreciation is better, equal to, or lower than other comparable areas. 

Historically, I think PP has not appreciated as well as Stonegate or EW but that's just on my fuzzy memory.  Not sure about BP.

We recently spent some time in the parks in BP and I have to say that the amenities are nice but the lay out is just weird....feels like you are on the edge of the frontier.

I also worry about noise and light pollution.

I actually thought kinda similar about the layout. I visited one of those GP parks since I thought it was all cool and hip, but I didn't like it much for they seemed to lack a little bit of greenery. I liked PS or WB amenities more. But it's just my opinion. Some people might've loved GP ones.

Appreciation wise, I also think Stongate and Eastwood are more assuring choices, not necessarily guaranteeing a better life quality though.

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