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Re: Landscaping cost
« on: September 21, 2018, 03:39:05 PM »
Hi Kenkoko, were you happy with the work done?  And if so, could you please provide your landscaper's name and contact info?  The scope of work included in my estimate is: outdoor tiling, pergola for dining area, water feature, some artificial turf, and some drought tolerant plants/florals.  Nothing too crazy or fancy, trying to keep an overall somewhat modern look.  Thanks!

Sure, I used Swam pools and Landscaping. See yelp link below. ( Not sure why they have 2 yelps)

I am quite happy with the work done. They have a great designer who helped us a lot with design and gave us a drawing before starting the job at no extra cost.
They also honored their warranty and came to fix LED lights in the pool last month (more than 2 years after completion)
If you want to see some pictures, feel free to PM me.
The only small nitpick is the concrete fading/discoloration. They did tell me ahead of time but i was not expecting that much fading.

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