Author Topic: New Listing - Treo Plan 2 condo in Woodbury (93 Mission)  (Read 1992 times)

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Quote from: Burn That Belly

Hey bud! How’s that land rover working out for ya?

Doing well tks for asking.  Btw forgot to give you a thanks for shouting your approval of my transaction on the BTB ROI meter lol.  Made my day seriously!

Well you know Land Rovers - always good space for whole family for the money right?  Seriously, neighbors are great overall and it's peaceful which is what we were looking for.  Only gripe is some unwarranted HOA drama - we got the blame for the original owners not trimming their front tree to "HOA standards".  Sigh, but nothing that me and my trusty polesaw couldn't handle on a Sunday afternoon.  Overall, absolutely pleased with the "trade-in" process so tks to USCTrojan again for coming through for us.   
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