Author Topic: Once again...nothing to be done but prayers and thoughts  (Read 110971 times)

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Not excuses..explanations...broken family is yet another factor here. I don't think these kids had an ideal family situation.

Speaking of violent behavior, the father of one of the shooters is a twice deported illegal from Mexico, jailed previously for domestic violence against the shooter’s mother. Illegals are revered by the Democrat Party and any connection between an illegal and the shooting will be dutifully ignored by most of the media.

Lastly one of the Colorado shooters was transgender, a female transitioning into a male. I’m sure there is a specific gender identity term for such a person, but I am not woke enough to know what that term is. Suffice it to say, a female becoming a male will be taking testosterone. There is scientific evidence of an association between higher testosterone levels and aggressive or violent behavior.

In the mainstream media, transgenders are the highest form of human evolution. It would be most inconvenient to raise even the possibility of an association between gender transitioning and the recent school shooting, so don’t expect Meet the Press or Face the Nation to discuss any of this.

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