Author Topic: Once again...nothing to be done but prayers and thoughts  (Read 106558 times)

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Re: Once again...nothing to be done but prayers and thoughts
« on: February 16, 2018, 08:59:47 AM »
Can't we do all those things?

For those living in State of CA you don't need to do anything, as the political trend here leans toward gun control.  However this will not stop angry people from setting off pressure cooker bombs or running crowds over with a truck.  As 3D milling (CNC) becomes more affordable many people will simply click and print firearm parts at home and build their own.

As I mentioned in my previous post, our culture sucks in dealing with outcasts and mentally or emotionally stressed people.  When there is no shoulder to lean on or ear to listen, people retreat to their safe spaces and that space isn't always a good place (dark corners of the internet).  To compare, in 2014, a troubled young man in Taiwan stabbed 28 people on the train, resulting in 4 fatalities and 10 critical injuries.  Fortunately emergency services and hospitals were nearby the train station, otherwise it would have resulted in 14 fatalities.

This young man was a student of Tunghai University and had been giving off warning signs for quite some time.  People avoided him because he likes to talk about leading groups of people to abandoned classrooms or train stations and killing them all.  His safe space was the dark corner of the internet for snuff fiction.  Long before he went to stab 28 people, multiple calls were made to the school administration warning them, but nobody bothered to make an effort.  After the attack the university staff and students were shocked before coming to realization on the cost of their inaction.

Instead of demonizing the troubled young man, the University released a statement calling him a member of their family, and that they loved him, but did not love him enough.  The school apologized to the public for their failings.  The student body held prayers for him and marched with banners that called on their fellow students to take "one more step, to look once again, and to speak one more word" -- do not ignore your fellow students who are troubled.  They felt shameful that they allowed one of their peers to cause the damage to society.

How many of us would make an effort to go sit with a loner or outcast at lunch table in school?  Do we point our fingers at Everyone else but ourselves?

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