Author Topic: Once again...nothing to be done but prayers and thoughts  (Read 111138 times)

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Re: Once again...nothing to be done but prayers and thoughts
« on: February 15, 2018, 04:32:34 AM »
When you are a hammer , everything looks like a nail

On a roll ?  Are you serious ?

I am disgusted by what’s going on with yet another news cycle w innocent Americans  and a weapon like AR-15

and frustrated that our  country’s politicians are still in the pocketbook of NRA. 18 shootings this year just in less than two months ? Other developed  countries have less than that in two decades .

But I am glad you responded since , to borrow a page from your own prosaic language set , “by your actions you are proving my point” .

It is terrorism if it was a brown or black guy involved and gee we should all be sitting up and doing something about it,

but when it is just our super lax gun laws and easy access to mass murder weapons resulting in deaths of 17 innocent kids  — move on nothing to see here , life goes on .

“thoughts and prayers “ . Aren’t our knees hurting by now kneeling so much in front of God ?

If aliens who didn’t know anything else about us , came to earth and saw what was going on, they would probably deem NRA to be more powerful than God ...
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