Author Topic: Experts admit global warming predictions wrong  (Read 44782 times)

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Re: Experts admit global warming predictions wrong
« on: April 25, 2018, 10:38:25 AM »

Climate scientists hope their mock camp illustrates how global warming could impact the Arctic, but the “Gore effect” may make it harder to get the message across. Davos has seen frigid temperatures along with about six feet of snow in the last six days.

The last time they had an EcoHypocrisy Conference at Davos, 1400 private jets flew in the High and Mighty, burning millions of gallons of nasty, evil fossil fuel, which they all pretend to hate.

Then there was another EcoHypocrisy Conference in Scandanavia, to which Prince Charles flew in his private jet while the Prime Minister flew in HIS private jet.

Why these EcoHypocrites don't videoconference is clear.  They can travel on other people's money and feel good about their mutual back-slapping, while wining and dining in posh resort hotels. 

I have an incredible link to the EcoHypocrite Conferences worldwide.  It seems like there's one every single day somewhere, to which hundreds can come and burn gasoline while preaching NOT burning any of it.

Here you are:
"There are only two kinds of people, decent and indecent." - Elie Wiesel

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Hey StarmanMBA - go fuck yourself :-)

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