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Re: Dow?
« on: February 12, 2021, 01:44:51 AM »
The level of media induced speculation going on has to shake out....think there is downside risk here that the public does not sense but pro's see it clearly.  Have a buddy who is an everyday guy (a boat mechanic) who has been trading micro-cap chat room stocks and jumped up $100,000 yesterday.  He was panicked and did not know what to do (pump and dump). I made him sell every share and it collapsed.  That type of spec is going on all over the place, this never ends well.

Robinhood sued by family of 20-year-old trader who killed himself after believing he racked up huge losses

Robinhood was sued Monday for wrongful death by the family of Alex Kearns, a 20-year-old customer who took his life last summer.
Kearns committed suicide in June after thinking he had a negative $730,165 cash balance on Robinhood.
Robinhood's "reckless conduct directly and proximately caused the death of one of its victims," the complaint said.
The suit says that Kearns made three attempts to contact Robinhood customer service regarding the massive underwater balance. However, his messages were met with automated replies, according to the complaint.

I wouldn’t let the 10-13 stocks like GME/AMC to say the market is high. In the end, interest rates at 0% and earnings being surpassed will justify the higher valuations. The tech names are nowhere near dot com levels as well.

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