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Re: Home security system
« on: July 07, 2014, 12:00:12 PM »
i use these guys,

they were around before simplisafe, almost identical business plan. i believe they do month to month as well, but if you sign up for a contract they will discount your initial equipment order.  the alarm door sensors from frontpoint are much smaller than simplisafe as well but other than that looks very similar.

at $15/month that sounds pretty good. the cheapest frontpoint offers is $35, then $42, then $49.

Researching home security systems so bumping this thread.  I am considering going with Cox - does anyone use them?  Have any opinions?

I priced them out against Frontpoint (a qwerty rec) and Cox is actually cheaper.  For 3 door sensors, 1 glass break sensor and 1 motion sensor, Frontpoint would cost $177 for upfront equipment cost and then $42.99 per month for monitoring.  For the same package, Cox would cost about $190 for the equipment (their base package only includes 2 door sensors and 1 motion sensor) and 32.99 per month for monitoring.

We recently went with Cox for our new home. I was hesitant to go with them at first given they are a cable company, and I've always wanted hardwired but the builder option is just ridiculously expensive it didn't make sense. GH is not comfortable with DIY so Frontpoint was out of the question. In the end, we went with Cox because of the price.

I'm not sure about other companies, but in our old house, when the alarm gets triggered, there's about a 3-4 minute wait before the security company calls and verifies. It was hardwired, no cellular backup, just plain vanilla home security system that costs about $25. With Cox, I think it's about $29 a month, with cellular backup and the response time, I would say a little over a minute, I got a phone call saying our garage door had a breach. (This was before we moved in). It was about 5am and the painters decided to come to work early that day. I was impressed at how fast they reacted. I also got text messages and emails that alerted me which door was opened, and since I didn't hear those at 5am, I did not respond. The email and text alerts come as soon as a sensor is triggered. For the amount they charged, and the service they provide, I'm actually pretty impressed by them.

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