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Water Cooler / Re: Experts admit global warming predictions wrong
« Last post by morekaos on Yesterday at 08:59:27 PM »
Again, accusing the other side of always thinking in absolutes, just not the case.
Water Cooler / Re: Experts admit global warming predictions wrong
« Last post by fortune11 on Yesterday at 08:50:06 PM »
If I can sum this up and other currently “hot topics” among the MAGA crowd —

If it's cold anywhere, climate change is a hoax.

If a single hate crime is faked, racism doesn't exist.

If a single rape accusation is falsified, sexual assault isn't an issue.

Right wing thought in 2019 is just a glorified series of get-out-of-thinking free cards :)
OMG, my eyes hurt looking at the downstairs flooring on this listing...

Over $650/sf for basically ZERO upgrades?  Someone send a memo to the listing agent and seller the market is soft for homes for over $1m in Irvine.  haha

That kitchen is too sad. They didn't even opt for a basic back splash. And yeah basic tile in the kitchen and bathrooms...jeez.

On the positive note, those are the reasons you can ask for discounts!

I will try to remember this silver lining someday *IF*I ever have a budget of over $1 million  ;D In my mind though I just feel like if I'm at that point and can spend that kind of money on a house I would want some basic upgrades like a back splash.

We're currently ripping out our entirely brand new house flooring and kitchen countertops to put in new flooring and backsplash. It's wasteful to me but that's what the wife wants.

Happy wife, happy life...correct?  ;)
O.C. Real Estate / Re: Iron Ridge - LandSea Homes Lake Forest
« Last post by USCTrojanCPA on Yesterday at 05:11:52 PM »
$400 HOA for attached condo seems pretty normal...usually 2 HOA.

A number of Irvine attached condos had HOAs closer to $500

Most newer Irvine attached condos have HOAs of around $300-$350 (which include both the Village HOA and Condo HOA).  The high rise condos and the CPW condos have higher HOAs as do some of the Woodbridge condos.
O.C. Real Estate / Re: Iron Ridge - LandSea Homes Lake Forest
« Last post by Irvinecommuter on Yesterday at 04:44:31 PM »
$400 HOA for attached condo seems pretty normal...usually 2 HOA.

A number of Irvine attached condos had HOAs closer to $500
O.C. Real Estate / Re: Iron Ridge - LandSea Homes Lake Forest
« Last post by moc on Yesterday at 04:40:42 PM »
Oh dear. Martin are you sure about the HOA and MR? We were intrigued by the price and size of Copperleaf and thinking about going to the grand opening this weekend. But - if it has MRs and that high of an HOA I'm not so sure.

Don't go...$400+ HOA is obnoxious unless it's guard gated with lots of amenities.

No I totally agree and don't think we will. The only reason we might is shear curiosity on how the hell they try to spin that.
Water Cooler / Re: Snowflakes
« Last post by eyephone on Yesterday at 04:30:34 PM »
But you just keep coming back, don’t ya F?  Over 2000 views, so much emotion and passion. Hang grenades can break much lose, yes?

Sounds like Starman when you mention view count. Is Starman your burner account?

Eyephone - starman is more like liar loan — in terms of being tightly wound up and exploding every now and then

Kaos is actually quite consistent  in the style of his postings , I will give him that even if the content can be garbage

Yes, unlike eyephone who isn't tightly wound up and never explodes...LOL.

I give what I get. I’m sure you are the same. (We all are)

If someone continuously calls you a name. Are you going to sit back and relax?

I don't know... It's seems like you were pretty aggressive against him this entire thread, attacking his race and insulting his family.  He didn't seem to retaliate in kind.

He brought up his family not me. I never insulted his family. I just mentioned that the story gets better and better every time he tells it. Also, I mentioned several times it could be true or not. (We don’t know) Come on if your family was well connected and super elite like he said, would you leave the country? (Have a driver, house keeper, cook..)

I attacked his race? (Not at all) He attacked his family’s country by putting it down. My gosh, no one picked that up. Since I travel, I’ve been there before not bad as he mentioned. Almost everything is in English and the food is really reasonably priced.

It’s not okay to attack people of color or make fun of them by his posts. I will not tolerate people trying to put down a race or make fun of them. That’s not how we roll on TI.
Water Cooler / Re: Snowflakes
« Last post by morekaos on Yesterday at 04:05:25 PM »
If you’re gonna be triggered, you should do your homework.

Idiot vandals attack and burn statue of 'General Lee' - but it was a monument dedicated to a WWII hero, not the Confederate commander

A statue of U.S. Army Airborne founder Maj. Gen. William C. Lee was burned
It stood in front of the William C. Lee Airborne Museum in Dunn, North Carolina
Museum employees suspect that vandals mistook it for Confederate leader Robert. E Lee,  who shares the same last name but no other connection
Vandals poured flammable liquid on it and set it on fire on February 14
The Dunn Police Department are investigating the incident and there is an $1,000 reward for any information that could lead to arrests
The museum says it'll take hundreds of dollars to repair the damaged statue
Dont forget about the zombies...jail will be important then
@mety exactly what zubs said

A 10k flooring job is 20k through the builder and you have to pay the property tax on that 20k and all the other upgrades that went through the builder. We had asked if we could just pay upfront on certain upgrades to keep builder warranty w/o increasing the price of the house, they said no.

We also asked if the builder could leave the flooring unfinished to save on the demo cost & dust from removing tile/carpet, but bank said they wouldn't close on the loan. Worked out for us since we didn't do anything post close and sold the house a couple years later.

Don't banks require houses to be fully finished before they fund a loan?
A lot of new buyers don't upgrade their house through the builder because they can get it done cheaper by aftermarket contractors.

Plus you don't pay the extra property taxes for a more expensive house.

I know you can find cheaper contractors outside the builder and also there will be less tax each year. But at today's market, I think you can kinda ask for more upgrades. So if the builder gives you incentives and upgrades, then you might not even have to hire an extra contractor for flooring or countertop jobs. If it was a move-in ready home already built, then yes you have to rip out, but I was asking if Cares had a chance to ask for upgrades to the builder as incentives. I know he said they were sort of ignorant when he was asking for the mortgage interest rates so maybe they didn't even bother giving incentives?

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