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John's Creek.

Who am I kidding... I'm never leaving SoCal.

Although... I may consider Canada (west coast only).
Around Town / Re: Retail Openings and Closures
« Last post by irvinehomeowner on Today at 06:45:05 PM »
So it's hot and I'm craving ice cream... went to Creamistry... closed... went to Rite Aid down around the corner... closed. Ended up at Saffron and Rose by UCI.

There is a Pandor that opened at the Marketplace... they have good gelato.

Don't remember if I posted this but Bruxie's closed... Fire Wings replacing it.

BBQ Chicken (Korean fried chicken) replaced the Subway in Cypress Village shopping center... also another BBQ Chicken opened in Northpark and another opening in Quail Hill. See... I'm not the only one who likes fried chicken... imagine expanding during the pandemic.

Tacquiero Taco Patio opened in Oak Creek (where Jimboy's Tacos used to be).
Economy & Finance / Work situation?
« Last post by irvinehomeowner on Today at 06:35:38 PM »
So I heard on the radio that recently quite a few people are quitting because of several reason, one of them requiring being back in office and many are looking for remote jobs because they prefer it.

What are you doing?

Some of us can do hybrid but there are certain groups of workers who have to return to office and they don't like it. We've had a few people resign because they want to stay remote.

There seems to be a quite a few open jobs out there... even remote... are you still remote, prefer back in-office or really don't mind either way?
Careful about Texas. Their property taxes are equivalent to GP. Home price may be low assuming you make CA wage but that is a one time benefit. Property taxes are perpetual.

Not only that. Another potential electricity crisis during this summer. Electric operator in Texas ask Texans to conserve according to cnn article.
Thought this was one of the nicest (non model) back yards I had seen in quite some time.  Wonder if the small pool in front is a huge hot tub, or just a fountain?

But then, I looked at the ariel/drone view shot and the pool of the house next door looks even better!

I thought the same when I saw it listed, love the backyard. I'm always torn between these and The Vistas. I feel like since Toll Bros built The Vistas that a lot of people overlook Trevi, but I would have a hard time picking between the two at similar price points.

Trevi has a better location, walking distance to the park, the school, the shopping center. Vistas are WAY far back in Orchard Hills. Once you go through Settler’s gate, you still feel like you are driving really far into the foothills to reach the Vistas. I guess the pro about the Vistas is the higher up view.
We have friends in Greenville, SC. inland, but a very nice community. Still has a small town feel to things. Could keep a 2nd home near Myrtle Beach as prices for decent homes remain in the mid to upper 2's... Water is in the 80's for most of the Summer. Beats Cali's 72ish pacific temps.

Chapel Hill / Raleigh NC are also a consideration for us. Nice to be in a college town as they tend to keep the area vibrant. Very wooded area and has 4 true seasons. 2+ hour drive to the ocean, but still... a great reduction in california kookie-ness which more than offsets the risk of hurricane flooding IMHO.
The Carolinas - North or South. Can't live too far from an ocean.....  Yes, there is a terrific risk of hurricanes in the Carolinas, but we get fires, floods, earthquakes, and incurable knuckleheadedness from our politicians so all in all, it balances.

I've considered the Carolina's but haven't looked into it much.  Do you have a link to a neighborhood you were considering there?

One of my sisters moved to SC. Her house isn't close to the beach so the chance for hurricanes is lower (they can still get tornados and lots of rain tho). Property taxes and home prices are pretty low.
Careful about Texas. Their property taxes are equivalent to GP. Home price may be low assuming you make CA wage but that is a one time benefit. Property taxes are perpetual.
Maybe my comment wasn't clear. My point is the it CAN go up but doesn't necessarily mean it WILL go up every year.
no, your comment was clear. I think you didn't understand what the article said. It's automatically set to increase by default by the maximum (2%) each year according to the city records. So maybe the change to "automatically" increase to the maximum was set recently. Article was dated in March 2020.

This isn't the case though. Here's just 1 random home I pulled in GP.

238 Denim, Irvine, CA 92618
2020 value $1,427,949
2020 total tax $22,388.28
2020 special assessments $8,059
2020 base tax rate ($22,388.28 - $8,059) / $1,427,979 = 1.003%

2019 value $1,399,950
2019 total tax $22,037.16
2019 base tax (1.003% * $1,399,950) = $14,048.31
2019 special assessments ($22,037.16 - $14,048.31) = $7988.85

2020 increase ($8,059 - $7,988.85) / $7,988.85 = 0.878%

There are many other homes from 2019 to 2020 which increased by less than 1% in GP. cherry picked example anecdote doesn't make the whole.
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