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Food and Dining / Re: Junk fooding
« Last post by aquabliss on Yesterday at 11:41:27 PM »
Anyone try these:

Instant death, but I have the urge.
Economy & Finance / Re: [Poll] Real Household Savings
« Last post by woodburyowner on Yesterday at 10:48:25 PM »
This poll got me to do the number crunching and I'm actually higher than I thought (the crazy stock market bull run really helped the retirement accounts).  I did take into account my investment properties by taking the current value and subtracting the debt.
Health & Fitness / Re: Taking care of your greatest Asset: Your Physical Health
« Last post by Paris on Yesterday at 08:56:42 PM »
If anyone reading this ever gets a chance to feel cancer on someone you know, I recommend it so you know what to look for.

My friend was diagnosed with breast cancer on Thursday. On Friday, she told me to feel it. She had a clear mammogram just 7 months ago. It popped up seemingly overnight. (We learned today that it's very aggressive.)  It's at 10 o'clock from the nipple. I didn't want to hurt her since she just had a biopsy on it, so, obviously I'm like - noooo, I can't do that to you. She was insistent. So, I was hesitant and extremely gentle. What surprised me is how evident it is even with a very light touch like mine. Her cancer is very hard. It felt a lot like a cyst, which is exactly what we all thought it would be. 

I think for a lot of people, when we check ourselves in the shower like we're ALL supposed to, we don't really know exactly what we're on the hunt for. I know that I've pushed painfully deep into myself with my fingers, wondering if that was far enough. It helps a lot if you can get some idea with a real life example. At least with hers, there's really no questioning that something is there.

Found my own. Most breast cancers are slow growers. Mine was particularly aggressive and fast growing. Histology was the worst it could be. My treatment was very aggressive (chemo every two weeks vs typical every three). Doc said if I was older, my body probably wouldn't have tolerated the full course of chemo every two weeks and I would have had to wait to recover between rounds.

Caught early most breast cancer has a high survival rate. Mine being particularly "nasty" was 40% for 5 year survival and 20% for 10 years. It's been just over 10 years since my treatment ended. Still go to the docs 6-7 times a year for routine checks. Had a couple biopsies on the opposite breast but nothing bad has shown up again.

Lots of new meds (and tons of research thanks to the Susan G. Koman foundation) are improving breast cancer survival.

One in 8 women at some time in their lives will have breast cancer. South Orange county has a higher incidence than that (about 20% higher), especially for white women.

Important to go to the boob squisher appts. Can't stress that enough. Catch it early.

Absolutely agree. Thank you for sharing that personal account of your experience.
And despite national recommendations I would start mammogram screening at age 40. I know I will when I get to that age.
Economy & Finance / Re: [Poll] Real household income
« Last post by Paris on Yesterday at 08:48:22 PM »
Very true. I'm not too much of a Dave Ramsey fan because he's too conservative for me but assigning every dollar you make to something and knowing the daily cash flows in and out of your household is a must for ultimately building up your net worth. Getting out of the unnecessary debt cycle and sitting with your spouse to go over overall financial goals is what active personal financing is all about. My husband and I sit together at least every 3 months to re-evaluate financial goals in an effort to actively manage our finances. It helps to constantly re-tweek the plan, see what alternate moves we can take to improve it. But I'm surprised that much of our social network of friends and family think this is "odd behavior". And even with our kids money is a regular conversation. I want them to be fluent and confident in this topic early on because I want them to know money is important and that they can learn to make it work to their advantage.  It's a life skill every parent should instill in their children. I wish my parents did this for me - I had to learn the hard way.
Economy & Finance / Re: [Poll] Real Household Savings
« Last post by Paris on Yesterday at 08:36:36 PM »
who has millions sitting in a bank account? I would hope most are invested in some way to at least hedge against inflation.
Who has time to do this much research?

by Dan Chmielewski • May 26, 2017 •

"What the press release doesn’t say, sources tell that the state funds secured by Quirk-Silva are for the original site off of Irvine Blvd.  And now that the city and state have come together, the fastest route to building a Veteran’s Cemetery is to stay the course."
Around Town / Re: Homeless Camp at the Library
« Last post by Ready2Downsize on Yesterday at 02:00:26 PM »
Homeless have cell phones?

I've seen quite a few homeless folks using ATMs at night. I thought well how is it they have money and are homeless and begging in the daytime, looking like they haven't had a shower in a year?

Turns out they get social security disability payments auto deposited. They can even get other forms of assistance auto deposited too.

And yeah they have cells.

Irvine PD gets on the homeless to move along while other cities just let them stay...... politically correct you know. City of Tustin and TUSD are both of the mind that things need to be equalized economically, so not surprised they just let them stay wherever.

If it's not a state law that homeless can just set up camp anywhere then I doubt Irvine will ever let it happen.

When I was growing up you had to pay for a camp site. It was socially unacceptable to just put up a tent wherever u wanted. Now it's oh, that poor person....... they should have a right to beg wherever.

Social breakdown of society.
SACRAMENTO – Prior to the start of Memorial Day weekend, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D-Fullerton) made the following statement on the inclusion of a $30 million allocation of funds in the 2017 California State Budget Report for an Orange County Veterans Cemetery.

This allocation came directly after Quirk-Silva hosted California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. in Orange County, where they had a private tour of proposed sites for a new state veteran cemetery in Irvine. Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva and Governor Brown also met with local officials and community groups, in order to facilitate the budget appropriation of funds.
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