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Irvine Real Estate / Re: Orchard Hills - Strada by Irvine Pacific
« Last post by malteselover on Yesterday at 10:53:42 PM »
I agree with Yardmatters. Strada is not too close to Northwood High. We are constantly visiting Strada and our homesite and not once have we seen any kids loitering. Also, as far as cars; the ones I mainly see are the ones parked at the sales office. Strada is always packed hence the number of cars. It is one of the best locations in all of Orchard Hills by far. Next to the beautiful orchards, streets and homes landscaped and a resort style pool within blocks. We love it.
Irvine Real Estate / Re: Cariz at PS
« Last post by paperboyNC on Yesterday at 10:49:51 PM »
The following information is the latest information from the Irvine Company itself in late 2014.

The map is missing Enclave 6 between the SR-133 and Pavilion Park. But thank you for the updated map. So the community park is still there, but retail is permanently gone, right?
General Real Estate and Mortgage Talk / Re: Life in flats at Kerala
« Last post by eyephone on Yesterday at 10:35:37 PM »
General Real Estate and Mortgage Talk / Life in flats at Kerala
« Last post by BradFelske on Yesterday at 10:32:32 PM »
Flats in Kerala are evolving a new perspective in urban living; the introduction of new construction projects is developing the concept of new urban homes. These new construction projects are providing urban flats with exquisite interior designs providing maximum space and comforts. Some of the best flats are located in Kerala for its ideal location close to nature. Many residents opt for flats in the green country for its salubrious climate and splendid greenery. New urban flats in Kerala are enviable for their international designs and plans that settle many new residents in the country. While the urban flats provide all the modern amenities to the residents, the green and cool environment in Kerala provides relaxation and enjoyment. Many new proprietors are glad to own homes in the verdant country and they simply love exploring nature while staying in the flats. Kerala flats are widely opted for by many residents; there are also new residents from other places opting for flats in Kerala. They are convinced that the flats located in Kerala are useful for relaxation. There are also professionals opting flats in Kerala for relaxation from hectic work schedules, many of them also spend vacation in these flats. Realtors find it easy to trade the flats located in Kerala. Many residents were awaiting the completion of construction projects in Kerala to own flats. There are also many professionals awaiting these projects since the inception to own homes in Kerala, many of these residents include professional seeking the convenience of urban flats near their offices and organisations for easy commutation to work. It is common for professionals to own urban flats to pursue their career since the earliest days of urban living.
Food and Dining / Re: Kobe Buffet
« Last post by yaliu07 on Yesterday at 09:42:59 PM »
if my estimation is correct, inc should update his first visit experience within 30 minutes.  :)
Irvine Real Estate / Re: No HOA No Mello Roos
« Last post by irvinehomeowner on Yesterday at 09:09:19 PM »
The city has a page that has links to a map and list of HOAs:

Most homes built prior to about 1985 probably do not have Mello Roos. Some even up to 1990.

I wonder why Lambert Ranch isn't shown on the map.
No MRs in Lambert Ranch.
Irvine Real Estate / Re: Hidden Canyon in Irvine
« Last post by irvine99 on Yesterday at 09:09:03 PM »
I think 7600 is a good price for paint. Toll is charging 9100 for the Manhattan paint.

It's a decent price if you don't care for enamel.  You can find lower bids post-construction using enamel (which is much higher per gallon), and you will have choices of colors.  If you don't want to hassle with vendors and quotes, then the builder is a decent option.  But I wouldn't consider it strictly from a price perspective...the value isn't there for what you get (1 color, flat finish).

One big issue that I have with the paint through Toll is that you only have 5 SW colors to select from.

I can't live without having my Ben Moore Revere Pewter! 
Water Cooler / Re: Shuttle Services to LAX
« Last post by ps9 on Yesterday at 09:05:58 PM »
Any new recs on rides to LAX?  The $80 Execucar private van thru Super shuttle is not bad.  You can google a 10% off coup so it's $144 round trip private door to door service.  With tip probably around $170 OTD.  I have a super early flight out and a almost midnight flight in. 
Irvine Real Estate / Re: help me choose
« Last post by Manager on Yesterday at 08:42:29 PM »
Seems like a simple choice.  New construction is the way to go, why go through hassle of renovating.  Yorba linda is great, I have lived there in the past
Water Cooler / Re: NBA 2014-2015
« Last post by eyephone on Yesterday at 08:41:12 PM »
Watching the Golden State Warrior game on the iphone. I see Luke Walton coming off the Warriors bench as an assistant coach. I looked online and confirmed Luke is an assistant coach.


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