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Irvine Real Estate / Re: Huntley at Greenwood - FLOORPLANS OUT
« Last post by kpchoe on Yesterday at 10:39:00 PM »
@happytales, did you go into contract at huntley? We just reserved today.

I was surprised front yard wasn't included. Is that typical?

We're signing the contract later this week. Looks like we'll be future neighbors!

Cool! Phase 3? Did you have contingency or no?
Around Town / Re: Retail Openings and Closures
« Last post by Irvinecommuter on Yesterday at 10:32:23 PM »
The sign on the window said just Homegoods, no mention of TJ Maxx. Hopefully it will help bring a tenant to the vacant/Halloween store next door.

Its the same. Tj maxx homegoods.

Not necessarily...there are stand alone TJ Maxx stores and as well as stand alone Homegoods stores (there is one in Laguna Hills).
Around Town / Re: Retail Openings and Closures
« Last post by Irvinecommuter on Yesterday at 10:31:34 PM »
good call.  I should really just buy my business shoes at these stores.. save the good ones for going out.

Nordstrom Rack has great bargains on men's shoes
Water Cooler / Re: NBA 2014-2015
« Last post by irvinehomeowner on Yesterday at 10:24:02 PM »
AD signed an extension with NO... not a smart move, he should have waited until next year when there was more money.

Looks like Kawhi is re-upping with the Spurs.

Aldridge/DeAndre/Love/Lakers rumors still swirling around.

Food and Dining / Re: Irvine (and vicinity) Dining Deals / Coupons
« Last post by AW on Yesterday at 09:13:10 PM »
They had that book last year as well, a lot of bogos, and then you get to try different places too!
Irvine Real Estate / Re: The graves in Irvine
« Last post by AW on Yesterday at 09:07:52 PM »
Haven't tried the Irvine Costa Mesa one, just the Santa Monica one, nice fusion type of burgers but not the cheapest place when you think of burgers.
Irvine Real Estate / Re: Beacon Park, Yea or Nay?
« Last post by AW on Yesterday at 09:06:00 PM »
What has that got to do with anything.
O.C. Real Estate / Re: Terraza in Placentia by Beazer Homes
« Last post by thelandofnoland on Yesterday at 08:56:45 PM »
Can you please stop arguing.  >:(
read the news too.  yet my neighbor's houses are still NOT sold.  i wonder why...

If it's the house that I'm thinking of, maybe it's not sold because the asking price is too high. People don't want to waste their time.

the price is NOT high according to our wtf price thread.  :)

Yaliu07, here are your quotes:

July 31, 2014  .... If I want certain race in my backyard, I will buy home in Santa Ana.

May 31, 2015    there is a town hall meeting with Mayor Choi and Council Woman Lynn Schott ...  it is to discussion of relocating the veteran cemetery to another location.

June 02, 2015  any thoughts are welcome.    i use a lot of "i think" or "i dont think" because i am just a messenger    i will look for the MexiCAN with a big/huge bat. someone just stopped by house and passed me a Chinese Flyer on town hall meeting

July 28, 2014  We, Asian, are afraid of ghost and Irvine is 40~50% Asian.  Why can't the veteran cemetery in the Non-Asian community?

July 28, 2014   We, Asian, dont like cemetery because we believe in ghost.  Why can't the cemetery build in a non-Asian community.   Top 5 names of homebuyers in Irvine in 2013 were Chen, Lee, Wang, Liu and Kim.  How more Asian do you still need? 

March 26, 2015  i am concern that less chinese  … more "ghetto" people will move in 

Irvine Real Estate / Re: The graves in Irvine
« Last post by iacrenter on Yesterday at 08:50:50 PM »
All this burger talk and I don't see any love for Umami Burger.

This is my favorite:

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