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Water Cooler / Pavillion Park Pumpkin Glow.
« Last post by Soylent Green Is People on Today at 11:28:58 AM »
PPPG - 6:00 PM to 9:00 tonight.

I'm unable to attend, so post pix please. Have seen these mainly on the East Coast and would have really enjoyed going. Can't imagine the heat 2,000 of these things must generate if they're all candle lit.

If you aren't interested in the Pumpkin Glow, drive out to the Trabuco Canyon General Store tonight between 7:00 and 9:00 PM. I'll be participating in their Annual Chili Cook Off and can use your vote for "best chili".  Free samples from 12 participants, live music.

Cooks Corner (El Toro Road), Turn on Live Oak Canyon - 3 miles, pass O'Neill Park entrance. Can't miss the Trabuco Canyon General Store at that point.

Not to throw too much gasoline onto the fire, but the HOA.... is you. HOA board members are elected, so if you want to change things, run. The meetings held to go over these problems aren't well attended and often drift into obscurity after a few months. It's unfortunate that home owners don't get actively involved, given the $$$ they pay every month. As well some board members should be re-titled "bored" members since they aren't of an activist bent when they should be. There's no harm in creating a forum like TI for each HOA, with home owners posting their recommended vendors. Unfortunately most HOA's do not take that step. If they did, issues like bad contractors could be avoided.

Become a participating HOA attender or run for a seat to get things shaped up in the community. If not, expect your owners complaints to fall on deaf ears.
City Hall / Re: Woah, Baby.
« Last post by Coleman on Today at 11:09:02 AM »
FHR's Asian population over the past 10 years went up like 4-5% I believe to about 15%  Not too strong of a presence when compared with many other areas.  Interestingly enough - the strongest Asian presence in FHR is not the area with the highest median income.    (All according to the world's best source of information - city data, haha)

I doubt the prices of FHR will rise faster than Irvine.  I'd love for that to happen, but it is doubtful.  People, who may go unnamed, who show a great presence in driving up prices probably don't see appeal to FHR. 

Now when Korea gets their economic boom as Japan, Taiwan, Russia, and now China has, FHR may have a better opportunity as it's close to hiking!  The United Hikers of Seoul So. Cal division will enjoy living walking distance to Whiting Ranch. (Well that is of course if they don't get the Johns Creek real estate fliers first.) 

Unfortunately this board has too many anti Chinese tainted statements. I know that a lot of the people here like to play along, but the brainwashing and subtle comments do have a negative effect on people who are less familiar with Chinese. 

Low income jobs? That brings up an interesting topic...
Would one receive more on welfare when compared to picking vegetables traveling as a migrant worker?
Owner's Issues / Re: Mattress
« Last post by qwerty on Today at 10:50:12 AM »
You sure it's not an old mattress with a new cover? I saw that on kcal once.
Water Cooler / Re: Home Organization Advice
« Last post by Coleman on Today at 10:43:38 AM »
Does it cover what to do with 50 pairs of shoes? and a small jacket closet?

There is some good insight there!  I need to go to my garage and start throwing stuff or donating stuff!
Owner's Issues / Re: Mattress
« Last post by eyephone on Today at 10:35:11 AM »

Got my guest/doghouse spare bed ready.  Made locally in Compton.

You bought the bed at the Compton swapmeet? Jkjk
Owner's Issues / Re: Mattress
« Last post by ps9 on Today at 10:32:22 AM »

Got my guest/doghouse spare bed ready.  Made locally in Compton. 
I filed a claim with the contractors board regarding our landscaper. Basically he started jobs (lots) and then went to other jobs and kept us hanging......... not finishing the job, just lots of promises. I finally told him I'd file a claim and he laughed at me. Gave him yet another chance and nothing.

The person who came out got him to finish the job all right. I made the comment that I'm surprised he's still in business and he said he was too! LOL!

Well............. a couple years later he went under and this was housing was selling well and there were plenty of jobs to be had.

Not sure what happened to the people who didn't file a claim. ALOT of other homeowners came by and asked how I got the job finished and I told them and they said.......... oh I don't want to get him in trouble! Well my job got done. Any trouble was his own doing.
Isn't that called a conservatory?
Hi y'all, I'm writing to all the Pavilion Park homeowners on this board, to warn you of a potential hazard.  There's a guy named Tom Gonzales, who I had the unfortunate luck of doing business with about 5 years ago.  He offers landscape construction services, and has screwed at least 6 homes in the Columbus Square neighborhood (that I know of), including mine.  I just got a call from a Whistler homeowner this evening, and he was approached by Tom Gonzales to bid on his yard project.  This has opened up a lot of old wounds (financial and emotional), and I feel compelled to notify those who might come into contact with him.

Tom Gonzales abandoned our project after I called him out on cutting corners on our construction.  Some of these shortcuts included:

- mixing a significant amount of existing ground dirt with cement mix (it's cheaper than excavating and disposing...)
- no rebar in concrete
- concrete footings for walls were only 2" deep in some places
- no water barriers on planters
- extending off existing electrical circuits to power all outside electrical (not even close to sufficient)
- insufficient gas pressure to power appliances (city inspector said it fell short by 40%)
- improper grading
- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WAS DONE TO CODE! (I have suspicions on how he was able to get signatures from city inspectors, but I have no proof...)

There were tons of other issues, but I'll spare you the details.  Other homes in our neighborhood have had similar issues, and as I pass by some of those homes, I see:

- cracking tiles due to poorly poured concrete foundations
- flagstone cracking and/or separating due to poor masonry
- stone veneers falling off walls
- patio structures leaning

Tom Gonzales talks a big game, but fails to deliver on all points.  Some other pieces of information I was able to dig up from public records:

- Tom had a landscaping license in Chula Vista, but it was revoked due to consumer complaints and lawsuits
- Tom used his daughter Vanessa to obtain a license in Orange County under the name "New Season Landscape Construction", but it was also revoked due to consumer complaints and lawsuits
- Tom's bond had no fewer than 6 claims against it prior to his last license being revoked
- Tom's current license is listed under "Coastal License & Maintenance", Lic #606446.  This license was originally issued in 1990, and was REVOKED due to complaints & lawsuits.  He got it re-issued somehow on April 2014.

What Tom Gonzales does is a CRIME!!!!  We had to resort to lawsuits to recover some of our funds, but we still lost a ton of money.  Others in our neighborhood fared a lot worse.

I will be writing to the Pavilion Park HOA to warn them of his history.  Tom Gonzales has absolutely no business being in your neighborhood, and I ask that everyone do their due diligence when selecting a landscaper (or any contractor for that matter).  There are a lot of trustworthy, hard-working professionals out there, and guys like Tom Gonzales do so much damage to the reputation of other professionals, and homeowners alike.

I don't make it a habit to do stuff like this, but nobody, NOBODY, should go through what we went through with Tom Gonzales.  Please, PLEASE, be careful and don't fall victim to his criminal activities.

Sorry for the rant, and I apologize for imposing this on everyone on this board, but this was the only way I knew of reaching out to PP homeowners.  I appreciate your time.

FYI - If your statements aren't true it's considered defamatory.
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