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Salt Lick or Phil's BBQ
Agree with Woodburyowner - an authentic Italian restaurant would be nice.
Golden Corral  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Another thing that is interesting, the article states "team building activity" to me that's company training.
Irvine Real Estate / Re: Ellwood by Richmond American at Beacon Park
« Last post by capboba on Today at 11:18:08 AM »
Heard lots of bad stories on Richmond American quality of construction from previous home owners.... Any experiences?

i'm confused. you seem to have made up your mind in that Ellwood isn't fitting so I'm not sure why you're still debating/wondering about it?

personally if I was in your shoe and I have that much doubt in terms of price/floor plan.. (which are two big factors IMO), I'd already move on and look more closely at SG offerings vs BP

re: builder quality which others can chime in as I've only bought a few new homes. but as far as I know its heavily dependent on local contractors/subcontracts and how well the builder's local supervisors enforce QA, code, and build quality. a contractor working on a richmond american home can easily also be working at another builder down the street, etc. etc. (though from what I gather richmond is using only one exclusive general contractor right now, but lord knows who they sub contract out for other type of work).
Tasty Garden off Culver for HK cafe food.  Before this place opened, there were really no options.

I would like to see a good Italian restaurant.  Pizza is now covered with all the build you own pizza joints.
I was paid a monthly salary to do a specific job.  Look up the defintions around salary, it's to perform specific work, not unlimited hours for anything.  This isn't okay if it's salaried employees being exploited.  It is, IMHO, even more egregious if the "volunteer" hours request is targeted at hourly paid employees.

Unfortunatey, there is a mindset taking hold in America that salaried == indentured servant.

I just rechecked the article
With the peak shopping season approaching, Urban Outfitters is asking its employees to pitch in a bit more on the weekends. But there's a catch: they won't get paid for it.

In an email obtained by Gawker this week, the Philadelphia-based retailer told salaried employees that it was looking for weekend volunteers to help "pick, pack and prepare packages" for wholesale and direct customers.

And again, it's one thing to ask for help when you bungled the plan, or your plan is getting blown out by unexpected increases in demand or natural disasters AND you as the business will be giving back to the employees in the form of flex time, bonuses, etc.  Using it as an extortion for free labor, which the whole "hackathon" cr*p has become is plan old exploitation.  Salaried or non-salaried is immaterial.

Were you paid a monthly salary for helping out? I'm guessing you were paid.

The difference with the part time workers, is that's they are not getting paid. (According to the article it can be up to 5 weeks) The retail workers have bills/rent/car payments that have to be paid. So for them not getting paid doesn't make sense.

I too have helped out outside my role.  Inside my role I've done too many nights and weekends to count. This is neither of those IMHO. Helping out when something unexpected happens or there's a major surge is helping out.  Asking for "volunteer" free labor to do your basic plan isn't helping out and it's becoming the norm.

Are they salaried exempt?

This happens at companies everywhere. I've had to work some weekends and nights myself without additional compensation.

In what capacity were those nights and weekends? Were they related to your role/department?  This sounds like they are asking white collar roles to help with shipping product which would be unrelated to their roles. If that is the case it sure seems like they want free labor.
Some of those were not in related to my role:

- Helping out another department (Accounting!) do things I don't do as they were shorthanded
- Moving furniture
- Clearing out a storage unit

But I don't mind helping out when needed.
The food is the most important to me. Like you, it goes hand in hand with price. Service isn't as important to me unless they really really really drop the ball.
It's funny reading some Yelp reviews where they say the food is delicious but service sucks, so...1 star.  :o :o :o
These people wouldn't be able to survive in Hong Kong.

Irvinecommuter, are you opening up a place?! If so, a HK style cafe with good food is what I like!
Agree 100% on a HK cafe
More dessert places
Asian vegetarian restaurant
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